Company Profile

Durtek is a sail manufacturer and one of the largest sail producers worldwide, delivering high-quality, custom-made, private-label sails to international marine companies.

Backed by many years of experience, Durtek is an industry leader in sail technology and production for all types of sails, from woven polyester to custom laminates.

Companies choose Durtek to do their manufacturing for several important reasons:

Leading Technology

Durtek provides an industry-leading, easy-to-use online system for placing and managing orders. This system, in combination with the latest sailmaking CAD software and state-of-the art laser and knife cutters, ensures custom sail designs are manufactured precisely with careful attention to all specifications.

High Quality Construction

The Durtek facility features state-of-the art manufacturing capabilities and is staffed by a highly skilled and experienced team. The company offers a full range of the world’s leading sail fabrics and fittings along with in-house branding and screen-printing services.

First Class Service

Durtek is ISO 9001, 14001 & 18001 certified and has ISAF IHC measurement certification. These credentials are evidence of Durtek’s dedication to maintaining the highest standards and quality control throughout the manufacturing process. Sails are exported internationally and delivered direct using our own export and dispatch departments.

Paneled Sails

Durtek manufactures all types of paneled sails from cross cut to tri-radial construction. A wide choice of fabrics are available from Challenge, Contender, Dimension Polyant and Bainbridge sailcloths. With a broad selection of hardware options available, sails are built to meet individual requirements and finished to any specification.

Membrane Sails

Durtek membranes are made using the most technically advanced lamination process. Durtek membrane sails are built with varying types of fiber, providing a range of options for different size boats and sailing requirements. Fiber properties like initial modulus, tenacity, and UV resistance are key in determining the right fiber for any sail.

Fiber options available for membrane sails:

Cruising Membranes:
  • Black Polyester
  • Technora
  • Carbon / Technora
  • Vectran
Racing Membranes:
  • Black Polyester
  • Black Twaron
  • Carbon / Black Twaron

Sail Accessories

Durtek supplies a range of accessories and services to complement new sails:

Custom Branded Sail Ties
Sail Pack Cover
Vertical Genoa Cover

sail bags

Main & Genoa Full length
Main & Genoa Tube
Spinnaker Duffle
Spinnaker Dousing Sleeve

Sail Graphics

Screen Printing Including Branded Sail Labels
Inked Artwork
Inlaid Spinnaker Artwork
Printed Vinyl